Military Haircut

Military haircut is the name to a hair cut which involves cutting the hair very short. Even though military hair cut is basically a short hair cut but still there are a number of variety hair cuts that can be put under this category. In a military hair cut, men are supposed to keep their hair short for obvious reasons. But this does not mean that non-military men can not flaunt a military hair cut. One of the major reasons that men like to wear a military hair cut is that it emphasizes the features of the face and makes it look more attractive.

One of the many military haircuts is the high and tight cut. In this hair style the hair is cut to one sixteenth on an inch. Many men like to support this hair cut because it emphasizes the cheek bones and makes the features more attractive. Another form of the military hair cut is the flat top hair style. In this hair style the hair at the top is kept standing.

The hair at the sides and the back is totally shaved off. The unshaved hair is kept as short as half an inch or up to one inch. This hair style is recommended for those men in military who like to keep it a bit long. The standing hair at the top gives it a bit long look.