Fine Short Haircuts

The idea would also be to add volume to the hair.Layers in that case would also be an alternative. However, layers are not always recommended for women with really fine straight hair. If short, you can for a variety of stylish bob hairstyles. A long bob is also very much in vogue. Here you can simply tuck the long strands behind your ear if your face shape is petit.
A good shampoo followed by a conditioner that adds volume can be a good idea if you have an urgent party to attend. Keep shoulder length hair trimmed to have a neat and tidy appearance. then you can go in for the layer. Avoid creating very short layers that would reduce the overall volume of the hair.
If bangs are not really your cup of tea, you can opt for fringes that sweep over your forehead. Fringes look good for short as well as long hair. Bangs can also be added to the haircut if you have a high forehead. This would only suit women with straight hair. Sweep the bangs to the side or part them in the center.